Whiteleg shrimp Researchers are working to create a circulation system that allows shrimp to be farmed in freshwater with low salinity

Thai research collaboration makes additional progress towards low-saline shrimp aquaculture

May 29, 2022

The Department of Fisheries at Khon Kaen University is carrying out a farming project with vannamei white shrimp that uses a low-saline water circulation system. The project is the collaboration between the department and Thai Union Feed Mill.

To be sustainable, shrimp farming systems need circulating water and a way to drain sewage and wastes in the pond. Waste from shrimp farming can be converted into fish feeds, while the circulated water can be treated in a closed system to reduce waste discharges in the environment. This allows shrimp farmers to achieve stocking densities that are four to five times higher than those seen in earth-pond farming. A typical farm cycle in a circulating system lasts 70 days and can produce 60 shrimp per kg.