Seafood Expo Barcelona – What We Learned 

FUTUREFISH was privileged to participate in the Global Seafood Marketplace – Seafood Expo and Seafood Processing Global – held in Barcelona from 26-28 April 2022. The event was well attended following the event’s absence for the past two years and brought together large numbers of seafood businesses from across the world.  There were impressive displays of a diversity of seafood, from Maldive tuna, tilapia, and Pangas and shrimp from tropical regions and salmon, molluscs, and other products from the colder regions!

Global Seafood expo making fish
Many of the world’s largest seafood companies were present and it was a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and friends that we have not met for several years. Many interesting presentations and panel sessions were held alongside the seafood expo Barcelona. Social and environmental sustainability, and climate responses were prominent in many discussions, with a strong showing by the investment community. FUTUREFISH enjoyed a panel session with a diversity of venture capital investors and joined a release of the new Aquaspark report “Aqua Insights – The Transformative Power of Digital Aquatech”.

There were lots of aquaculture innovations on display as well – particularly in the digital field, we hope to see more coming from Asia and Africa in the future. FUTUREFISH rekindled connections with Aquaspark, GSSI, WWF, GSA, and many others, and spent some time preparing with colleagues, Global Salmon Initiative for an upcoming CEO dialogue. It was exciting to see and hear the initiatives that have developed despite the pandemic and discuss joint opportunities in person!

There was much talk of strengthening cooperation and partnerships in addressing many of aquaculture’ big challenges and opportunities, and we left with a strong feeling that our new start-up – FUTUREFISH, and our mission – to connect our science and insights to investment and impact – is well-timed, with a lot of opportunities to work with partners to create an even greater positive impact from the growing aquaculture sector.

Global Seafood Expo 2022

The seafood expo Barcelona 2022 helped to highlight the upcoming aquaculture business opportunities and the aquaculture investment opportunities. We are looking forward to taking our many discussions with partners to action during the next year and to joining again with some great impact stories at the seafood expo Barcelona 2023!


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