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FUTUREFISH co-develops sustainable aqua solutions with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

FUTUREFISH and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

FUTUREFISH has secured a contract with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, working towards their vision to empower, build, and grow sustainable aquaculture in Africa and Asia for people and our planet.


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FUTUREFISH is a new start-up on the aquaculture scene, founded by Dr. Michael Phillips and Dr. Rohana Subasinghe in early 2022. The new company has a special focus on Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, and is intended to help bridge the gap between innovation and investment in sustainable aquaculture. (PG 23-25)
ASC’s Supervisory Board has welcomed a number of new members recently, including a new board member, FUTUREFISH‘s co-founder and director Dr. Rohana Subasinghe, who brings to the role decades of experience in aquaculture. 

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