Nigeria Institute of Aquaculture Researcher Suleiman Yakubu

Despite help from WorldFish, Nigeria’s aquaculture sector faces obstacles to growth

May 30, 2022

Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa’s top producer of farmed fish, has the potential to achieve an output of 2.5 million tons annually, but it faces barriers such as the cost and availability of aquafeed and land use issues that are restraining the sector’s growth.

New research from the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture estimates Nigeria’s current annual aquaculture production at around 300,000 metric tons (MT) of farmed fish, which is not meeting the total domestic demand.

“Nigeria is the second-largest producer of farmed fish in Africa after Egypt, yet we still have some way to go before we can achieve the 2.5 million tons aquaculture potential estimated by the government,” Institute of Aquaculture Researcher Suleiman Yakubu said.