We see the potential in building relationships and connections and believe that money needs to be directed to the right places to see growth in aquaculture. Entrepreneurs and innovators need to have the space to grow, and smallholder fish farmers need to be recognised in the aquaculture supply chain. We have a regional focus on Africa and Asia as we look to expand and diversify into these markets.

Aquaculture, today and tomorrow

Aquaculture is growing fast, with entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors working hard to meet the growing market demand for fish and other aquatic foods, such as animals, plants, and algae.

Technologies are being deployed and improvements are being made throughout the whole aquaculture system – from production through to the supply chains that take food from farm to plate. Aquaculture is widely recognized for its potential contribution to healthy and sustainable food systems and economic development and as a low-carbon food production system.

Yet progress is not being made fast enough – there are many areas, including our oceans and large parts of the planet in dire need of change. Malnutrition remains widespread, with significant fish deficits continuing to build in Africa. Innovations are applied unevenly, often used to higher-value commodities, and investments are not reaching where it is needed. Crucial parts of the aquaculture ecosystem are not receiving attention – millions of farmers, and consumers across Africa and Asia lack access to the opportunities that aquaculture could provide for decent work, good health, and sustainably produced food.

FUTUREFISH sees these aquaculture gaps as opportunities

We seek to advance knowledge, innovation, and investment in ways that improve aquaculture – with a principal geographical focus on Africa and Asia — aiming to work closely with innovators and investors to accelerate and grow profitable and sustainable aquaculture businesses, in ways that create positive impacts for livelihoods, communities and the environment.
We have an extensive network of partners – research, innovators, industry, and country partners – to draw upon to identify innovations, bring the right partners together, and build profitable aquaculture businesses that enhance social and environmental sustainability. We draw on a wide range of expertise – within FUTUREFISH and our partners – in areas such as climate resilience, risk analysis, circular economy, market analysis, blue economy, gender and oceans, and innovation analysis – to identify and assess new business opportunities.

FUTUREFISH is practically grounded in identifying products and creating solutions that work at scale based on sound research, scientific evidence, and market insights. We have a unique focus on dynamic emerging markets – low and middle-income countries – where the impacts and opportunities for aquaculture are substantial and aim to accelerate the adoption of innovations and business ideas that can deliver impact at scale.



To unleash the potential of smallholder-led aquaculture in Africa+Asia with business solutions that supply affordable, nutritious food for healthy people and the planet.


Driving business solutions by connecting insights and innovations with networks and
investments for a sustainable food system.

FUTUREFISH is in start up mode !

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